(Computerized Patient Health Information System)

• ‘Arogya Online’ is the electronic management of health information to deliver safer, more efficient, better quality healthcare to the citizens of the state.
• Reduction in response time to deliver health services to patients and to enhance the quality of patient care. Streamlines workflow operations to improve hospital administration.
• Computerization of various clinical modules of the CHC for better monitoring, management, planning and decision-making by the respective MOIC/ Stake holders.
• Computerization of OPD Registration, Emergency Registration, IPD Registration, IPD Management, Lab Management, Cash Collection, Transportation, User Management and Robust Searching Tool etc.
• Management of Electronic Health Record (EHR) of patients using unique CRNo (Computerized Registration No.). Creation of EHR is envisioned to facilitate Better affordability, optimal information exchange to support better health outcome, better decision support system, big data and analytics etc.
• Proposed system should increase the efficiency of hospital administration & effectiveness in delivery of patient care and its better management.
• Major modules to be covered under the system are as follows:-
◊ OPD Registration
◊ Emergency Registration
◊ Lab Investigation
◊ Powerful Search tool
◊ User Management
◊ Summary + Detailed Reports/ Statistics/ Analysis/ Dashboard
◊ Web portal for the generation of Summary + Detailed Reports/ Statistics/ Analysis/ Dashboard at Administration level @ State Hq/ District Hq
◊ Other Modules as per the requirements
1. System readiness e.g. availability of operational manpower/ staff/ computer operators, Computers, Printers, UPS/ Inverter for backup, Printing Stationary, Printing Cartridges, Internet Connectivity Broadband/ Data card, LAN, Network Switches, Electricity, Electric Points, Security of Counters, Computer Table, Computer Chair, Minor Civil Works/ Renovation of Counters, Maintenance of computer hardware, Refilling of printing cartridges.
2. Computer hardware etc for installation and safe & secured space for installation and configuration.